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Resources are one of the most important things that you can have or invest in. With so many different things going on in the world around us, it can be really overwhelming to try and determine exactly what is worth your time or money. And when you run a business, there are a lot of different things that you can check out and that will make it so that you’re actually going to be able to achieve your goals. But, when was the last time that you took a time out and thought about workplace safety?

With OSHA Training, you can actually take care of all of that in one shot. It’s true! We know that you’ve got a lot on your mind when you run a business, and if there’s an emergency, it makes it that much more stressful to try and deal with. That’s why a lot of us really try to see if everyone can actually take care of things in those situations. By giving your employees training that focuses on your workplace and follows standards from the government, you can know that they are all going to be ready if an emergency strikes. And that can give you peace of mind.

We’ve got your back when it comes to training. Our trainers know what needs to be done and how we can take care of it. So, instead of struggling through all of it on your own, we can come in and help you to figure out exactly what is needed so that you can feel safe. Let us know what you’ve got going on and we will work to put together the best program with workshops and everything else that you need in order to have confidence and feel ready to go.

The most powerful tool OSHA has in its arsenal is their inspections. Because of their inspections, they are able to enforce the standards that they set and make sure they are being followed appropriately.


Surprise Inspections

OSHA trainers will often conduct surprise inspections. They do this to attempt to see the work environment as it is natural. Giving the employer a warning may allow them to hide known violations from them before the inspection begins.


There are many situations that can trigger an inspection:


Imminent Danger Situations

Imminent danger situations are defined as conditions that could cause further damage, injury or death if left unaddressed. These are unique situations that require action to be taken immediately in order to ensure that the workers are not placed in any unnecessary danger. These situations are kept at a top priority until OSHA trainers in NYC can fix the problem.


Fatality Investigation or Multiple Injuries

If a fatality occurs in the workplace, OSHA trainers will come to investigate the cause of the death. This also applies to occurrences that result in 3 or more injuries at the workplace. If either of these situations occurs, it must be reported to OSHA within 8 hours from the time of the accident. This is to allow the OSHA trainers to come out as soon as possible to investigate the cause of the incident and make sure other employees are not being placed under the same risks.


The inspector must be able to declare that there is no further risk of the same fate happening to other employees before they are allowed to continue operating. After inspection, the findings will either point fault at the negligence of the employer, negligence of the employee, or it can be deemed a no-fault accident. This is the case if it is found that neither the employer and the employee  did anything to cause the accident and followed the OSHA guidelines correctly.


Employee Complaints

OSHA trainers take a proactive approach in injury prevention by listening to employee complaints. If they receive a complaint and they determine that the employee has a legitimate point, they will come out to investigate.

After the inspection is complete, OSHA trainers will keep the identity of the employee from the employer. This is to ensure that the employee will not feel that they are placing their job at risk when they come forward with a complaint like this. They will also notify their findings and the result of the inspection when they are through.


Scheduled Inspections

Every facility and employer will receive scheduled inspections while they are in operation. If the work is in a particularly hazardous field, the scheduled inspections will happen more often by OSHA trainers. This is to make sure that the most dangerous jobs are held to the highest safety standards.


Follow-Up Inspections

Most inspections will also require follow-up inspections by OSHA trainers in NYC. These follow-up inspections are done at a designated time and are used to make sure the violations that were found previously have been fixed. If the violations require more time to get fixed, the OSHA trainers in NYC may still conduct an inspection to make sure the corrective actions are underway.

If you are considering fence construction around your home or property, it is important to know the different options. When it comes to fences, there are so many different materials and designs available. The type of fence you choose depends heavily on the purpose you want it to serve, and the type of area where you live.

Wrought Iron Fences

These fences are often the ones that contain the most unusual designs. These fences are very strong and come in a variety of intricate designs. However, they require regular maintenance, such as sanding or repainting every few years. They also do not provide any privacy, because it is very easy to see through a wrought iron fence.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are expensive to buy, but they come with a number of advantages over other materials. Vinyl fences are very strong, with some saying they are five times stronger and more flexible than wooden fences. They also require no maintenance or repainting. Any stain or mark on a vinyl fence is easily cleaned off with water and some soap. If you want a sturdy fence that you do not have to worry about, go with vinyl for your fence construction.

Bamboo Fences

These fences provide a unique look to any home, especially if you have a lot of greenery in the front and back yards. There are three types of bamboo fences: live, cane and rolled. Live bamboo grows a feet or two, especially in the first few years, but is not as sturdy. If you live in an area with strong winds and regular storms, rolled bamboo might be a better option.

Farming Fences –

These fences use similar materials to regular fences, such as wood, aluminum or vinyl, but they require a lot more effort to set up. The large distances involved from one end of the property to another mean that creating adequate fencing can take days of non-stop work.


Imagine a world where going to work was considered extremely dangerous, even life-threatening. Imagine going to your job and wondering if you were going to get hurt or even lose your life in that day. As recent as in the 1960s, these conditions were not far from the truth of the working world. Job related deaths and injuries to the extent of sustaining a disability were commonplace, and employees had to leave their jobs often because of sustaining an injury or disease.

In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA was created under the Department of Labor. OSHA became responsible for the safety and health of employees all around the nation and has been extremely successful over the past several decades. The organization would be nothing without the OSHA Trainers, people with knowledge and skills who are dedicated to maintaining safety in the workplace.

OSHA Trainers are the soldiers on the front lines of safely functioning workplaces. They go through rigorous years of training and studying to provide the nation with practices and policies keeping America’s employees safe. OSHA has its main New York headquarters located in Albany with 6 other district offices supporting the state as well.

Some of the qualifications for someone to become an OSHA trainer are 5 years of safe industry practices experience, a degree in occupational safety and health, completion of the OSHA course with the accompanying 10-30 hour program, an authorization process for a number of years, and individual state requirements. Those who complete these qualifications become resources for workplaces all across America to ensure safety and protection for all employees. They may also train others in their own process of certification.

The OSHA area office closest to NYC is the Manhattan Area Office. Someone can obtain the certification to become an OSHA Trainer in New York City, given all of the requirements are met. There is a special OSHA program where the trainers operate a special New York State OSHA program for local employers. Something unique to New York City is that all employees of publicly funded construction sites are to complete the 10 hour OSHA construction course.

Those who want to become certified with OSHA can complete their hours many different ways. In addition to training courses taught by OSHA employees, there are also online courses available for people to be able to take their time and train at their own pace. These courses come with printable proofs of training for those taking the courses.

OSHA Trainers keep American employees safe, and those who work in New York seek to train qualified individuals for the protection of all workers. OSHA has significantly improved safety and lowered risk in overall employment in the past several decades, and continues to work hard to protect America’s employees.